Zacatipa is a small Nahua town in the mountains above Huautla. The town was in Carnival, but the town judge took time to help me get some photos of the embroidered blouses in town. The women also worm tlacoyales (hair braids) with wool balls on them. Bob Freund 3/2/2005 Return to Nahua of Huautla Home Page
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Many of the towns home were humble but functional; the weather is hot and humid most of the time so enclosed brick homes turn into ovens. It was a pleasure to be there in Feb, before the heavy rains and heat. The composite pictures will give the viewer an idea about the types of structures and conditions in the town. The tlacoyals are woven into the woman’s braid and hang down with pompoms of different colors.
The majority of the embroidered blouses were in good condition, impling a continued use and replacement process. The picture top right is of a baker’s oven and the grandmother who still works it with her family. The other pictures are full fashion views of the contemporary dress in town. On the far right is the modern dress worn by the younger people. This is the judges daughter, the rest of the family and friends did not wear embroidered blouses but rather handmade or store bought dresses. They did not want their picture taken.