San Juan Huazalingo is a small village just outside the municipal capital of Huazalingo. The town’s textile tradition is disappearing and at this point only, the grandmothers still wear embroidered blouses. Bob Ferund 3/11/2005

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The town has exuberant vegetation and some great views. It was a bit overcast the day I visited so visibility was limited. Pictured above are samples of the textiles worn by the grandmothers. The town’s church had been condemned by the government due to a dangerous crack in the wall. The construction of a new church was underway but stalled due to a lack of money. It was interesting to discuss the situation with the locals. They showed me three different saints and explained that people from two other villages had migrated to the town and brought their saints with them. The composite picture on the upper right shows the altar of the church in its temporary home, the old church, and some of the roads in the town’s vicinity. The Polish anthropologist helped me get these shots. More about Sofia on the next page. Pictured above are Dona Soledad Vitemarcos, Dona Anastasia Santender, and Juana Vitemarcos. All the blouses had red or orange embroidery. Anastasia brought out another blouse and the shot turned out to be one of my favorites from this town.