San Juan Huazalingo is a small village just outside the municipal capital of Huazalingo. The town’s textile tradition is disappearing and at this point only, the grandmothers still wear embroidered blouses. Bob Ferund 3/11/2005

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The Huazalingo district is above the market town of Tehuetlan, where the people who live in the district go to market. The variety of embroidered blouses drew me to this region after my first visit to the market in July 04. The town of San Francisco was my top priority. However, after driving up hill to the entrance to San Francisco, I found it was closed to traffic due to road construction and mud. The municipal capital of Huazalingo was just down the road so I went to find out what other towns might be of interest. As usual, I presented myself to the local police and let them know I was there and my purpose. They directed me to a Polish anthropologist named Sofia. After we talked for a while, she kindly brought me around to a number of different grandmothers who still wore embroidered blouses. Pictured above are Dona Anastasia Santender, Dona Soledad Vitemarcos and Juana Vitemarcos. Sra. Anastasia posed in front of her home and then brought out another embroidered blouse to be photographed. Soledad was photographed inside her home where she lives with her extended family. Juana Vitemarcos was injured and was not able to get out of bed; however, she directed Sofia to her embroidered blouses and proudly showed them to me. She is pictured above with a white muslin skirt that she wore for her wedding 40 years ago.

The textile traditions of this town are now in the hands of these and other elderly women. During my time in the town, the people showed me examples of embroidery they have kept. The blouses are smocked and embroidered; most were red or orange. The town is small and with the help of Sofia, I was able to get these wonderful pictures. The lower right photo is the house of Anastasia.