Naupan is the district capital, there are many women here that wear the traditional embroidered blouse and wrap skirt with hand woven belt. There is a textile collective developing here.
Bob Freund 8/25/2006
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Naupan is the district capital and has gone through some real change lately. A new paved highway connects it with Huauchinango and the main road to Mexico City and Vera Cruz. On previous visits there I had found a broad selection of both commercial and personal embroidered blouses. Vendors from Naupan go tot Huauchinango on Saturday to sell at the local market. Pictured here are some of the different types of embroidery that is common to the town. Various textile collectives, family groups and individuals make and sub contract these garments. Many women still wear the full costume as well as speak Nahua. During my visit there I could hear a woman teaching her young son how to count in both Spanish and Nahua. Many of the commercial pieces now look very similar to those textiles embroidered in Huilacapixtla; however the "uniform" in the first picture on the bottom row is definitely the Naupan style. For a closer look at the textile patterns please visit the textile patterns gallery by clicking on the link above.

Pictured above are members of the Textile Collective, they have been working on expanding their normal clothes into some new styles and forms. They showed me during this visit (8/06) a tailored shirt what used traditional patterns.