Naupan is the district capital, there are many women here that wear the traditional embroidered blouse and wrap skirt with hand woven belt. There is a textile collective developing here.
Bob Freund 8/25/2006
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The young girl pictured here is the niece of Edith the leader of the collective. When I showed up during this trip (8/06) the collective was meeting in the Cultural center where at one time they had an exhibit. We talked about fabric and the new styles they were working on. This embroidery is extremely time consuming and the best embroideries are fairly expensive, however they have begun to work on applying a less detailed embroidery, they strips you can see in the gallery. The traditional costume is also machine embroidered in a red thread, has an “orlan” the wrap skirt is black with a back strap woven belt that is woven in town. This trip I finally started to break the color codes that are used for the different villages. These color codes are the distinct marking that tells the Nahua of the region where they actually come from. The blouses are very similar and are sold to many other villages.