Chimalapa is a quiet Nahua village about 25 minutes from Acaxochitlan,Hidalgo Mexico. The majority of women in town wear an embroidered blouse, a black wrap skirt, quechquemitl and a back strap woven belt. There is a large water fall located there.
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Chimalapa doesn´t show up on most maps , but it is a pleasant little town with a population of about 500 people. There is a church up on the hill which over looks the surrounding area and a nice waterfall just as you enter the town. The traditional dress in the village is similar to the other towns in the area, I noticed a lot more red and green blouses but that doesn’t mean that that is the village color. After speaking to a few people I ended up with the family of the town leader. The wife encouraged a few young women to let me take there pictures. The more I hung around the easier things got and they started breaking out some of their different pieces of clothing. The costume also includes a slip with embroidery along the bottom, not pictured here. As part of the process of getting to know one another, I now bring some composite pictures to share with those people that participate in the project. This has turned out to be very popular.