The district of Acaxochitlan is located on a geographic finger of the Mexican state of Hidalgo which is surrounded by the state of Puebla. The district is primarily Nahua but in some communities there are, Otomí, Tepehua or Totonaca, the total percent of indigenous speakers in 2000 was 39.5 percent over the age of five.

Acaxochitlan means " place were bamboo flowers". There are a number of villages which still wear traditional dress. The town of Santa Anna Zacuala differs from the others both in type blouse and style of quechquemitl, there a cross stitched blouse, black stripped quechquemitl and a black wrap skirt with a hand woven backstrap loomed belt unique to the town is worn by a large percentage of the population. . The towns of San Francisco, Chimalapa, and San Juan purchase their blouses in Chachahuantla Puebla, a nearby town. These towns continue to have a high percentage of women and children that wear the traditional costume which consists of an embroidered slip and blouse, a back strap woven belt and a black wrap skirt.

On a recent trip in eb 2007 I was able to visit two more Acaxochitlan town Santa Catarina and Toxtla, which are on the same road. Toxtla is a very small Nahua community that has all but lost its traditional costume, after looking and asking for a while I located 1 person who still worn the embroidered blouse, belt and wrap skirt.

Im the town o Santa Catarina things were different, the few women I saw there worn a unique blouse and a day to day white quechquemitl. When I ask to take their pictures they put on the stunning red cross stitched quechquemitl seen in the galleries.

What is always interesting is the different in the Nahuatl words spokes in the towns, the nearby town of Xolotla used a completely different word to say good morning as they did in Santa Catarina.