The traditional dress in Santa Ana is very different from the costume from the other villages in the district. The women wear a distinct black wool quechquemitl and embroidered blouse and a back strap woven belt.
Bob Freund 7/22/2005 For more information

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The traditional costume of this town is very different than the other villages in this district. The cross stitched blouse and wool quechquemitl are distinct. Even the young women in the town wear the traditional blouse and the quechquemitl. There is a broad variety of embroidery designs on them and the second page of this gallery there are many examples. This trip was interesting because I saw for the first time, a new style blouse which had a running stitch that was just starting to become popular. The woven belt is also distinct from the other style worn in the other communities of Acaxochitlan. I have visited this town three times now, the last two times it poured cats and dogs for hours and cut short my research. Gee, guess I will just have to go back! There are a few towns further down the road that also needs to be explored. The textiles pieces on the page are from my collection.
The woman who is pictured her was photographed in 2002, she sells "elotes" a boiled ear of white corn used for making tortillas. When I returned in 7/2005 she was still there and I gave her the picture. There are many other vendors of embroidered blouses in and around the small market place across from the church.