San Agustin Oapan, a Nahua town on the Rio Balsas River valley in the State of Guerrero. Town population 2500 prox. Bob Freund 1/31/2005
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San Agustin Oapan is located on a dirt road that starts on the Federal Highway between Iguala and Chilpancingo Guerrero. The entrance is 1 kilometer south of the handicraft stands of Xalitla. The blouse is a combination of embroidered and machine embroidery with lace on the sleeve. The Church is a large structure and can be seem from the surrounding area. The traditional dress is worn by 50% of the women (1/2005) the skirt is a cotton material with lace applied. There are many handicrafts painters in the town; this family was visible and very open to be taking pictures. Pictured her is Santa Ramirez.