Xalitla, Guerrero a Nahua town dedicated to handicrafts from their town and the surrounding villages.
Bob Freund 2/1/2005 For mor einformation contact: info@mexicantextiles.com
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Xalitla is located on the Federal highway about 50 kilometers south of Iguala. the town is a handicrafts hub for the surrounding towns where masks and pottery and hand painted Amate bark paper is painted. The costume from this town has all but disappeared. After some investigation, I was directed to Enedina Herrera Silviano who was very happy to talk to me about the town and the disappearing culture. On the left she is pictured in her typical "camisa" which is worn under an over blouse. The costume is similar to the other more remote villages presented in this section however; now there are only a handful of women that still wear the traditional costume in town. Third from the left is Enedina standing in font of her doorway with a friend seated he is wearing traditional men’s wear called "calzone" or bleached manta shirt and pants.

Second from the right is Enedina with her over blouse on. In the background of the town are a number of mountains that add to the town picturesque character. The town has a number of handicraft stands on the federal highway where you can find all sorts of crafts from the region. It is gradually wearing down because the "autopista" superhighway passed the town up and now mostly local traffic comes but here.