xcachatitla, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz here, the older women wear embroidered blouses. The town is at the base of a sacred mountain, corn was given to the world at this sacred place. Bob Freund 1/19/2006 For more information contact:

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In the Chicontepec region of Vera Cruz the town of Ixcachatitla has a Cerro (mountain) Sagrado (sacred) where corn was given to the people. There are also many women who embroider and wear the typical crocheted and cross stitched blouses. The day I was there may well have been the coldest day of the year. My recollections of the town was that it was freezing there, however I am sure that in reality 95% of the time is blistering. It was nightfall and we were not able to approach the mountain, however with the help of a local man we went to many homes and photograph a number of individuals. On Tuesdays there is a market and I was told many people bring embroidered blouses to sell.