xcachatitla, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz here, the older women wear embroidered blouses. The town is at the base of a sacred mountain, corn was given to the world at this sacred place. Bob Freund 1/19/2006 For more information contact:

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There is embroidery collective in the town. Andres and I were surprised to find that many women wanted to have there picture taken, if you look close the cross-stitched blouse is the same in a number of photos, since they wanted to show off that particular one, first the owner and then the embroiderer put it on. It is all good to me. There were also some woman that were part of the collective that were more reserved about pictures and couldn’t take the time to show me their textile collective, since they were in the process of cooking dinner. Apparently there is a person that has helped organize the collective and has even produced a catalog. The work here seemed to be more detailed.