Cuetzalan is the municipal center fo a large concentration of Nahua peoples; the surrounding towns all have traditional costumes and strong ties to their cultural roots. On Oct 4th there is a Festival of Huipil and Coffee. Bob Freund, 9/17/2004 for more details contact:
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Here is another composite photo showing the slight variation in the style of the blouses worn in the region.
A textile vendor’s goods in the market on Sunday, plan to browse, look carefully you will find local pepper, coffee, vanilla, exotic flowers and textiles of all sorts.
Blouse from nearby village for sale in Sunday market probably Zoatecpan.
The festival of Huipil corresponds with the towns saints day (San Francisco), this is part of the religious procession on the evening of Oct 3, traditional dancers precede the Saint. They dance right into the church. The wax offerings are ornate and every village has a specialist to create these decorative offerings.
Quetzal dancers are the most famous traditional dancers from Cuetzalan.
Other dancers accompany the Saint into the church. There are 12 different types of dancers from different neighborhoods of Cuetzalan. Notice the flute and small drum which used for the dancers to dance to.