Huahuaxtla is a Nahua town in transition. During my visit is discovered two costumes, one the “old” style and the other more modern. There is some similarity between Huahuaxtla and Zoatecpan’s embroidery.Bob Freund 9/17/2004 for more information contact::
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The knit top blouse, at the top, is the style worn in Xochitlan, which is the municipal center for this region.
This is a view of the town as you enter. The road continues for many miles and exits near Chignahuapan.
Sra. Sofia Santiago Cano, she has a small store which sells dry goods and blouses. She allowed me to shoot the blouses she had on hand.
A close up of Maria Lucia Ramos. She was walking down the street and some people from the town, who took an interest in the project, convinced her to let me take her picture.
This piece has been added to the collection.
One of three churches in the town.