Tzinciulan, Cuetzalan Puebla. there is a strong textile tradition in this town and many women embroider and weave traditional dress.. Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomation
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Maximillano de la Cruz Jesus


Juana Maria Fransisca Jimenez Mateo

Tzinciulan is a small town located a few kilometers from Cuetzalan on the road to water falls. Each visit I has been a pleasure the local government is very helpful and informative. There is now a textile co-op in the town. The Regidor of the town went on a walk with me, he is dressed in the traditional muslin men’s costume of the region. Men’s costume is in more danger than women’s traditional dress in many areas and Cuetzalan district is no exception. They also have distinct huaraches which wrap up the leg and hold the pants cuff in place. I returned to the village to deliver the pictures and was able to get some leads on other villages in the vicinity. When I revisited Juana she had two looms in process. She weaves quechquemitls, belts and cloth for napkins, curtains and table cloths.