Tzinciulan, Cuetzalan Puebla. there is a strong textile tradition in this town and many women emboider and weave traditional dress.Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomation

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the corn
Textile crafts are a important money maker in many towns and Tzinciulan is no exception. In the first image the years harvest of corn sits waiting to be dry enough to turn into food, tortillas mainly but there are many types of food made by the “people of the corn”. Each home has an alter inside the home; the circular pieces are made from a type a plant that is called cucharas. These round decoration must hold some important place with the Nahua because they are seen in many regions not just Cuetzalan region.
Juana posed for these pictures on the trip last year 9/2004. She makes all her own garments and shows me some of the embroidered blouses she had for sale. The town had been recently paved like so many other town, ever since the democratization of Mexico.