Santiago Yancuitlalpan a large Nahua town located north of Cuetzalan. There are a limited number of women here that continues to wear traditional dress including embroidered blouses, backstrap woven belts and quechquemitls.
Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomation contact:

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Santiago Yancuitlalpan is a large town in the Cuetzalan district. The textile tradition in the town is now confined to the older generation. During the visit I didn’t see one woman walking in the downtown are in traditional dress. There was a woman inside the church working in the kitchen who took me to the home of Maria Trinidad one of the grandmothers that still wears the traditional embroidered blouse, quechquemitl and white skirt with backstrap woven belt. She was reluctant at first but her grandkids, who were visiting, talked her into participating, she spoke only limited Spanish. Maria also chose to be photographed in front of her alter. After a few minutes her husband came in and was talked into participating also by the grandkids. The grand kids were aware of the internet and asked for my URL, a first in these villages. It is also an indication of the size of the town; it probably is the second largest in the district.