Santiago Yancuitlalpan a large Nahua town located north of Cuetzalan. There are a limited number of women here that continues to wear traditional dress including embroidered blouses, backstrap woven belts and quechquemitls.
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In the villages the elderly hold an important place and she only spoke Nahuatl to the grandkids. The town was paved and had a clean and orderly appearance. In order to have some sort of immediate reciprocity with the people that participate, I have some small posters which are collages of textile patterns printed on laser printer. Sometimes these prints are offered in exchange for participation, which was the case here. I had 12 different collages which normally generate excitement and lots of questions. This time I also had a picture of two Mazahua women which had been a test of the laser printer. She chooses the Mazahua ladies, which really surprised me. The weather was getting really stormy as Stan approached and we left quickly for Cuetzalan.