Zoatecpan is located in the district of Xochillan, they have a small handicrafts union there and lots of skilled embroiderers. There are two costumes still worn in town, pictures here is the newer style. There are many patterns of embroidery here.
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Austraberta Lazero Reyes , the promoter for the village embroiderers and her daughter.
A number of different patterns embroidered from the village. The bird design at the bottom in black has convinced me of the origins of the next piece.
This blouse was a gift over thirty years ago and its origins were unknown until this month ( 9/04)
One of the newly paved streets in town. On the hill behind the town is a shrine to the village saint. However in my way of thinking it is a sacred place from an earlier time.
A blouse from this village purchased in 1994 in Cuetzalan.