Xaltepec is a prolific producer of embroidered blouses and other textiles. Many nearby villages use the blouses from here.
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Xaltepec ( Jaltepec) is located on the far side of the reservoir formed by the Presa Necaxa just beyond Huachinango, Puebla. You can take a launch and cross the lake, it is probably faster.
The downtown of Xaltepec in 1996.
Guadalupe showing me her embroidery. There were so many embroiderers that I ended up buying a few blouses
Close up, check out the embroidery on her blouse. Xaltepec sell blouses to other Indian villages. Recently on the other side of Xicotepec ( about 30 miles away) in small village they were wearing blouses from Xaltepec.
This belt weaver drew a lot of attention, she let me film her and spoke to me in Nahua the whole time. These looms are complicated and it takes a while to make a belt.