Tlaxcalancingo is a town located in the Cholula district close to the city of Puebla.. The Xochipitzahua festival on June 25 and 26 2005 is captured here when the young women put on traditional costumes, they are truly beautiful!!!
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Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla is a town in clear transition but attempting to hang on to its roots in the Nahua language and traditions. The Xochipitzahuac festival is a festival of indigenous peoples with many invited groups from all over the state of Puebla and beyond. During the festival, the people from Tlaxcalancingo re-enacted a Nahua wedding in which all the aspects of the wedding were observed. The most wonderful thing about this wedding was the women of the village dressed in their traditional costume, leaving their jeans in the closet (where they belong). As you can see from these photos they are stunning. During the ceremony I watched the older people who have for years had to hide their identity in the face of persistent racism in Mexico. They had such a look of joy on their faces. Finally they could live their culture in plain view of everyone, with the participation of the young people of the town, who have denied their roots.

The costume is a wonderful combination of two types of embroidery usually in solid colors of red or blue. The wrap skirt is a black material and the apron is heavily embroidered. A reboso is used as a belt. In addition to this there is the traditional embroidered slip.

The older generation of abuelas (gradmohers) today wears an embroidered blouse under the peasant blouses and skirt; this can be seemed in the second photo. It was very difficult to edit these photos since so many of the participants were just stunning. The first photo is my favorite, for me doorway pictures have a greater significance than just about any other location. I was told that 50 % of the village still speaks Nahua, on my return trip I will find out more. The town is small but well organized and clean. The church is in immaculate condition, probably restored in the last few years. The exterior is adorned with Talavera tile, manufactured in Puebla and used here with great effect.

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