Tlaxcalancingo is a town located in the Cholula district close to the city of Puebla.. The Xochipitzahua festival on June 25 and 26 2005 is captured here when the young women put on traditional costumes, they are truly beautiful!!!
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This little girl was walking with her aunt a just stole the show as far as I was concerned. More and more little girls are being dressed in traditional cloths in many towns. It is hard to say if that is happening here but I sure hope so. The second picture is of an abuela (grandmother) with a multi-colored blouse, the chili she is cleaning is a local wonder called Chili Loco, I love hot food but this chili was a blazer, My chili taco was very interesting, not for a chili lightweight. The far right top row is Carolina Jaramillo Cuaya, who was the first to let me take her picture and gave me a good orientation of the festival happenings. On the bottom row the second picture is the bride in the ceremony. In reality I wasn’t sure after the ceremony if she didn’t really get married. It was that real, having been in a number of weddings, it sure felt real. The final pictures are of the town and the last is the second part of the wedding. Notice the turkeys, which are a traditional gift for the wedding. There was something unique, there were four pieces of cactus with ocote (heart of pine) which represented the four cardinal points and were dragged around the outside of the wedding ceremony during the celebration dance.