Huahuaxtla, Puebla a Nahua town has a strong textile tradition. Many women still wear at least an embroidered blouse.Bob Freund 10/27/2005 For more information contact

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Sofia Santiago Cano
Rest in Peace Maria Lucia Ramos
There is a new road into Huahuaxtla just north of the town of Apulco on the road to Cuetzalan, the time of this writing the turn was not marked but is on the left as you rise up "the Cumbre". The church on top of this large hill has a view of all the surrounding area. It is important to remember that fog is common in the afternoon so try to visit early in the day. When I returned to the town (10/2005) to deliver the photos, I was informed that Maria Lucia Ramos had passed away.
I also delivered a picture to Sra. Sofia Santiago Cano shown here from a photo taken in her store in 9/2004. She is wearing the more cotemporary traditional costume. There is a great deal of similarity between this village and Zoatecpan, which is over the next mountain.
During the brief visit I was able to take more photos of the patterns for both beaded and embroidered blouses. s