The district of Amealco is a center for Otomi culture in Queretaro. There are many villages here, which have retained to varying degrees their culture. The principal towns are Amealco, San Ildefonso and Santiago Mezquititlan. The potters from San Ildefonso sell there clay pumpkins all over Mexico City out of the back of trucks. Bob Freund 11/23/2004 for further information contact:
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Otomi women waiting in front of the clinic most are wearing a striped reboso.
Some Otomi women waiting in front of the clinic, the women in green is embroidering.
The skirt, which is covered by a plain apron, is embroidered along the bottom.
This Otomi woman who was very willing to have her picture taken, however she didn’t give me her name.
These clay pumpkins are seen all over Mexico City and are made here in San Ildefonso.
The churchyard also serves as a cemetery.