Santiago Mezquititlan is a large traditional community where agriculture and handicrafts are the chief economic activities. The women from here sell their dolls all over Mexico City and are present in the major weekend markets of Coyoacan and San Angel. The town is divided into 5 Barrios or communities. Bob Freund 11/23/2004 for more information contact :
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Santiago is located in the southwest corner of the Sate of Queretaro. The town is on a secondary road that can be reached from San Juan Del Rio which is on the Autopista Mexico - Queretaro or from the Autopista Mexico- Guadalajara exiting at the turn off for the town of Temascalcingo.
There is a dam in the region. I was told that the people in this region migrated from the Valle Mezquital in the State of Hidalgo, hence the name of the town. The town is divided into 5 Barrios (communities). The communities are far-flung, not common for towns in Mexico.
Eliona Flavia Capita posed in various costumes after we mad a deal. Her grandchildren would not join in the photo session.
Here she is in a green blouse with a broad belt she wove on a back strap loom.
The quechquemitl from the region is similar to other Otomi regions. It is dark blue or black stripes with tassels and embroidery around the neckline.
This hand made cotton bag is from Paula Ramirez Martinez’s daughter in law. It was necessary to drive around a bit before I actually found Paula’s house. She is a handicrafts vendor from the Quinto ( 5th) Barrio of Santiago Mezquititlan who is attempting to preserve traditional clothing and design.