Angahuan Michoacan is a traditional Purepecha village where weaving, embroidery, spinning and other textile traditions are still practiced. The costume is similar to others on the Purepecha Plateau with hair cords, an embroidered blouse, an over blouse, two belts a embroidered slip, a skirt and an apron and finally the rebosos or shawl.
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Angahuan is located near Urapan Michoacan in an area call the Purepecha Plateau it is a traditional Purepecha village with deep roots in its culture. The area is cool and was adversely affected by the birth and eruption of Paracutin volcano.

This cross stitched blouse on muslin is worn under the over blouse to the right. There are a variety of styles of blouses worn in the village.
satin over blouse with pleading worn on top of the embroidered blouse there are some times made from flowered cotton or velvet cloth.
A slip embroidered with traditional patterns. This is often visible under the satin type skirt. The slip is an integral part of the costume throughout the Purepecha regions of Michoacan.
A full view of the slip with rooster patterns embroidered on it.