Ocomicho is a small Purepecha village where they work clay into some of the most interesting figures and scenes. They are known for their devils and other unique presentations. During a visit to the village my brother Jim and I were able to film the Carnival celebration. There are obviously two types of costumes the day to day and Gala.
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The road between Angahuan on this map doesn't show a new highway that connects them. In 2004 this road should be finished. The road passes through a impressive field of volcanoes, including Volcan Patamban at 12,000+ feet. Otherwise you can find the village on the road out of Tanagncicuaro near Zamora.

At the beginning of the fiesta people attend church and bring offerings. Here we can see a mix of fine day to day costume and the gala fiesta costume with embroidered flowers.
The dance went on for hours. The dancers just kept on changing and ocasionally the type of dance was changed. It seemed like about 5 types of dances. The black pleated wrap skirt is now only worn by the elderly and during celebrations.


The young girls filled eggs with flower and began breaking them on each others heads. Eventually young boys joined in also.
During the dances the bands switched off . but the music never stopped for hours on end. The costumes were amazing!!!