Zacán comes from the Purépecha word meaning "stony place," because the town sits at the transversal mountain range on the skirts of the Volcano Paricutín. Zacán was one of the villages affected by the 1944 eruption.

Year after year since 1971 during the month of October, the Artistic Competition of the Purépecha People is held, with participation from the towns and villages around Uruapan, Cañada de los Once Pueblos and the lake region around Pátzcuaro.

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Third place winner for embroidery on a huanengo, a traditional huipil like garment. I was lucky enough to be able to add this piece to the collection.

The plaza during the festival of Corpus Christi and the Festival Purepecha in Zacan.

Offering that will be taken into the church and blessed. Afterwards they are brought to the homes.
People carrying offerings into the church.