Santa Fe de la Laguna was a real bonanza! On the road into town there are many stores that sell pottery and other clay goods. However, just 100 yards into the town there are a stores selling traditional textiles. Bob Freund 7/7/2005 for mor einformation please contact:

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The town of Santa Fe de la Laguna was a real surprise to me. As I traveled around the lake, many people suggested that I go there. On an earlier trip I had passed through the roadside stores and hadn’t seen any costumes at all. Just goes to show that it takes time to really find the treasures. The highway on the outskirts of town is lined with pottery shops, so one might get the idea that there is some traditional stuff going on there. This time I went directly into the center of town. The street had more than a few stores that were selling traditional textiles NOT for the tourist. In this gallery and on the following page, the complete costume can be seen: slip, skirt, embroidered blouse, over blouse, belts, reboso and delantal. The people were friendly and they offered to participate in the study.