Chicontla is a small Totanacan village located near Xicotepec, Puebla it is on the Necaxca River that runs into the Gulf of Mexico. The town is small and the climate was hot and humid. The Totanaca peoples of this region are rapidly losing their costume which consists of a wide red back strap loomed belt, a light weight quechquemitl a white or blue wrap skirt and a short sleeved cotton blouse.
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During a visit to Xicotepec I was directed to this village by a hitch hiker who told me about their costume. The area was low lying and very hot.


This quechquemitl is made from a light weight cotton fabric the embroidery of large flowers.


During my visit I was directed to this family they had a lot of blouses and let me take some shots of their textiles. In the town only about 25% of the women I saw were wearing the traditional costume.


Of the four villages presented in this group only one was on the map. Chicontla is located down a dirt road that dropped about 1000 feet to a river valley.


This blouse from the collection was purchased in Chicontla in 1994. It is on cotton material with cotton embroidery thread embroidery thread (this is becoming rare). The most common thread now in many places is called estambre, which is a thicker synthetic thread, almost a yarn. It speeds up the embroidery process but losses details.