Tlacotepec is a small Totanacan village in the Sierra of Puebla, the largest concentration of Totanacan Peoples is in The State of Vera Cruz. A friend of ours is from this town and took these pictures and confirmed the dress from this town.
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Throughout the sierra of Puebla this very traditional dance called the Voladores is performed during village festivals. They represent eagles and have a specific number of turns to make and must remain as still as possible.

Tlacotepec is located on a dirt road which is just a few kilometers before Tepango.
This is the blessing of the festival for Tlacotepec. A friend lived there and took these pictures for me.
A Totanacan woman from the town of Tlacotepec standing with my partner during the Apple festival in Zacatlan, Puebla.
The religious procession during the festival, the saint is carried around the town. Depending on the custom it can be taken from the house of the Mayordomo ( steward) of the previous year to the church to be blessed and then to the new Mayordomos home.