Tenejapa, Chiapas is a Tzeltal town. Traditional clothing is still worn by many people in the town.
Karen Elwell
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1_tenejapa pants
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Chps Tze Tenejapa (M)
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Chps Tze Tenejapa rosary
Chps Tze Tenejapa rosary.jpg

In January 2006, we again saw the black ceremonial capes being produced and worn. These rebozo-like capes are hand-woven of black cotton and have white and red stripes, which run either vertically or horizontally through the garment. The capes are further embellished with rows of brocaded lozenge designs called "dog paws." These capes were everywhere in Tenejapa in 1993. However, between 2003-2005, we saw women wearing only the heavy, black wool capes from Chamula. Even the statutes of female saints in the church were clad in little Chamula capes.

Most males in Tenejapa wear western-style pants or jeans and shirts. An exception is the many men who participate in the civil-religious cargo system, which is very strong in Tenejapa. These men wear the traditional male costume that consists of a black, wool poncho, short hand-woven white cotton pants, and a wide, white and black hand-woven sash. The bottoms of the shorts and the ends of the sashes are densely brocaded - largely in red - and, like snowflakes, no two are alike. The cargo-holders wear long bead rosaries with aluminum medals dangling from them and palm-leaf or cowboy hats. The ribboned hats have colorful yarn pompoms hanging down from the backs. Western type shirts are worn beneath the black ponchos.