Villa Hidalgo Yalalag's name in Zapotec mean Scattered Mountain. It was given the name Villa Hidalgo in 1877 it was previously known as San Juan Yalalag. The founding of the community is said to be in 1191 by 20 families from the Tehuantepec region. The altitude is 3900 feet above sea level. It is located in a mountainous region where traditional agricultural methods prevail. The town has a population of 2100 people based on a Mexican government survey in 2000. The language spoken in the village is Zapotec. Bob Freund, for more information contact: 12/30/2004
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The towns and villages of the Sierra Norte are finally getting attention from the governments both national, state and local, a clear example of this is the arrival of a paved road in the region. In the 1970, a peasant shirt called"camisa de Yalalg" was sewn in the region and many times I would ask, "When are my shirts going to arrive?" and was told that as soon as the rivers went down they could cross and deliver the merchandise. The town maintains strong traditional ties; the young children at the local school rehearse traditional daces. Traditional dress is worn by many of the older generation and the distinctive huipil has a number of variations both with and without embroidery. The tassels on the front of the huipil are not worn in other Zapotec villages in the region. The white hand woven huipil is gradually being replace by a poplin material. The down town area was paved however at the time of this visit in 2002 the paved road was still 10 kilometers from the town. As can be seen from the picture on the right the town is built on a hillside with spectacular views.