Villa Hidalgo Yalalag‘s name in Zapotec mean Scattered Mountain. It was given the name Villa Hidalgo in 1877 it was previously known as San Juan Yalalag. The founding of the community is said to be in 1191 by 20 families from the Tehuantepec region. The altitude is 3900 feet above sea level. It is located in a mountainous region where traditional agricultural methods prevail. The town has a population of 2100 people based on a Mexican government survey in 2000. The language spoken in the village is Zapotec. Bob Freund, for more information contact: 12/30/2004
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The huipil from Yalalag is one of the best known in Oaxaca because of its characteristic tassel and embroidery. The huipil pictured here on the right was purchased in 1975 it is hand loomed bleached cotton. This type of huipil is often worn for fiestas and a simpler huipil with less or no embroidery is worn day to day. During the towns fiesta in June 2002 many young women came to the festival events wearing the huipil. Recently the huipils are made from poplin, which makes it a lot faster to produce a huipil. The reboso is also hand woven with characteristic patterns seen in the images on the right. The macramé is often more time consuming than the weaving of the reboso.