San Bartolome Quialana, is a Zapotec town on the outskirts of Tlacalula. It is one of a number of traditional villages in the district. After visiting the market in Tlacalula I drove out the village to document the costume.

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San Bartolome is located in the district of Tlacolula. After winding through Tlacolula the town is about 20 minutes on a newly paved road to get there. It is at the foot of the mountains.

On the way out to San Bartolome it is flat until you get to the town it then starts to wind up into the mountains (Sierra Madre Sur).
After a while I was able to locate a family were the still wove belts.
The distinctive bandana from San Bartolome can be seen her in the market in Tlacalula which is every Sunday. .
Another example of the costume.