San Martin Tilcajete is a town that has made a great deal of economic progress based on the development of the alebrijes. Thirty years ago the town dedicated to embroidery like many other towns. For more information contact:

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San Martin is in the Ocotlan district. It is on hwy 175 about 30 kilometers from Oaxaca City on the road to Ocotlan. The town is on the right after you descend the hill into the Ocotlan Valley.
An artisan painting a dragon figure, each household specializes in a certain type of figure. This handicraft did not exist in San Martin in 1970.
A craftsperson cutting the figure to accommodate the antlers of the deer.
A successful alebrijes vendor. Check out the doors to a handicraft store with alebrijes designs welded on, announcing the product to visitors.
During Carnival there is an interesting event. The young men dress up as women and a couple gets married. Women don’t participate except as spectators. Here is a dance during the festival.