San Pedro is a small village with a lot of talented embroiderers, it continue to be a source of quality embroidery. Many of the dresses I made in the 1970's were embroidered here. These hand drawn patterns are the basic designed used on the dresses and blouses from this region. Each blouse is hand drawn with the pattern before it is embroidered. The color combination and details are up to the person that embroiders the piece. All these drawings were done by Guadencia Sanchez.

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San Pedro Martir is a very traditional village located 6 kilometers past ocotlan on the left.
Gaudencia Sanchez drew the designs on the dresses we made by hand in the 1970’s. This picture is from 1976. The village continues to embroider and they also make bamboo baskets and other rustic crafts.
Local men resting during a road opening ceremony.
Designs for blouses and dresses were hand drawn; these are some patterns that might be used. They are first drawn with a ball point pen on the material and then embroidered. Craftswomen of San Pedro also make deshilado dresses. Deshilado dresses are made
A picture of the Sanchez family during a visit in 1980’s. Fidencio ( on the right) makes unique foil decorations. Examples can be seen in Ocotlan in the Museum on the town square.