Santa Thomas Jalieza, a town dedicated to weaving on back strap looms. The town for many years created a wonderful variety of back strap loomed belts and other handicrafts including handbags, table runners, pouches, backpacks and shoulder bags.

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Santa Thomas Jalieza is located on the road to Ocotlan and Puerto Angel. It is one of the many traditional towns found in the district of Ocotlan. Sa Thomas is on the left side of the road about 4 miles before the town of Ocotlan.
Back strap looms are used to create belts, table runners, place mats, bags and all manner of woven goods.
The town is small and rustic, little by little improvements are happening. Water is the biggest problem.
Women and girls of all ages are weavers, the town has been organized as a collective for many years and prices are more or less fixed.
Woven belts of varying widths and detail have been the mainstay of the weaving tradition here for many years. There a hundreds of patterns and color combinations.