San Miguel Tilquiapam a small Zapotec village in the Ocotlan District. San Miguel has a sacred well with curative powers. the women wear a traditional wrap skirt with an over blouse typical o the region and a reboso ( shawl) Bob Freund 11/14/2005 For more information contact

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San Miguel is a small traditional Zapotec village in the Ocotlan district. My first visit to the village was in 1972 for the festival of the town, there were hundreds of people lined up to get water from the sacred well. At that time the village was very rustic and many women wore a dark costume which is similar to that pictured in the second image. Many women wear a traditional plaid wrap skirt with a embroidered blouse hidden under a over blouse.
Today the town has a paved road and the well is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Some years ago because of a land dispute the village church was burned. The new church is a real beauty. If you visit this town please be very respectful of traditional customs and respectful of the well.