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Nahua of Pahuatlan, Puebla
Atla Atlantongo Mamiaquetla
Sil info en español del idioma Nahuatl
Frequent question about the Nahua language
Pregunats frequentes del idimoa Nahuatl

Pahuatlan, Puebla is an interesting mix of cultures, the Otomi inhabit the northern part and the Nahua inhabit the southern part. There are two rivers that divide these groups and Pahuatlan is in the middle. The villages presented here are on two dirt roads that heads down the hill from the center of Pahuatlan and then before crossing the bridge heads off into the Nahua region. The Nahua of this area are part of what is known as the Sierra Norte of Puebla.

The towns of Atla and Xolotla are on the same dirt road and have similar costumes. While the villages of Atlantongo and Mamequetla are located on a more remote road that connects the district of Pahuatlan with the Nahua district of Naupan. The costume here more resembles the traditional blouses worn in Naupan.

I make frequent trips to Pahuatlan and its Otomi villages of San Pablito and Xochimilco. Between the town of Atla and Xolotla there are primitive drawing on the chalk cliff overhangs, they are being degraded by weather and human intervention.

The town of Atla has a style of blouse called Pepinada which is a reverse counted stitch that leaves the figures in the material while they are surrounded by the running stitch.