The buttons below are an in-depth look at pattern from those specific villages. These pattern identify the ethnic group and the village to other indigenous peoples
hese galleries allows you to view the details of the huipils, belts, blouses, quechquemitl, and other Indian / indigenous textiles. Most of these designs are pre-Hispanic in origin while others are more modern, they are almost all handed down from mother to daughter
. There are many themes that seem to repeat themselves such as flowers, animals and stylized geometric designs; some have significance beyond their beauty, while others help identify the person wearing it as from a specific village. It is not the intent of this gallery to delve into these aspects, but rather to show the beauty, variety and creativity of the women that weave or embroider them.

Each file name identifies an Indian / indigenous group, so you can later explore that ethnic group and their villages by clicking on the hyper text name on the home page or use the drop down box on the right of the screen.These specific galleries are an in-depth look a specific villages or regional embroidery and weaving patterns. Each village has special characteristic that I believe will be of interest.

Textile patterns by State part of the documentation project. When ever possible I will document the textile patterns and styles from a single village.
Hueyapan Puebla designs
Vera Cruz
San Luis
The textile patterns below are from the Freund Collection. Each group represented here has distinct designs that will amaze the reader.