Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero an Amusgo town with a strong textile tradition. There are various textile collectives which are dedicated to the preservation of the art of weaving. There is a small store in town which sells the work of the artisans to the locals and visitors. .
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During the visit in March 2005, I met this young women who was the owner of the Centro de Arte Indigena in Xochi the huipil she was wearing was one of the finest white on white huipils I have ever seem. The delicate designs and light weight thread were impressive. Inside the store she had racks and racks of the appliqué skirts and a separate rack of commercial lace huipils seen on page 1. The straps are bought separately and then sewn on . The market that day was interesting and gives a visitor a good chance to see the broad variety of Amusgo style and grace.