San Jeronimo de los Dolores, is a Mazahua village dispersed among rolling hills at the foot of wooded mountains. The traditional dress is still in use among many generations. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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The first two pictures are of Sofia Sanchez with and with out her hat on. The large number of beads turned out to be common among the Mazahua. The solid colored blouse under the apron and the Mazahua slip (nahua) are seen in all three people’s costume. The older woman’s blouse has the traditional ruffled collar but also includes embroidery on the front and cuff of the blouse not seen on the others. The other blouses are store bought and have a more modern collar. This contrast clearly shows the trends away from the traditional embroidered blouse. The apron has the lace found on many Mazahua aprons or blouses.
The terrain is dry (5/05) the rains are soon to turn all these lands into corn fields. The lands behind belong to the town as part of its “ejido” and are protected by the community and for there use only. The community is spread out which is a ore traditional indigenous settlement pattern.