San Diego Suchitepec is in the district of Villa Victoria at the heart of the Mazahua territory in the State of Mexico. The town overlooks a broad valley and the lake formed by the dam at Villa Victoria. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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San Diego Suchitepec is one of those towns that happened completely by chance. While looking for another town I decided to take a road that went up hill. The town has a high percentage of women that continue to wear traditio0nal Mazahua clothing. As I drove into the town I noticed that at the clinic there were many women waiting their turn, most had Mazahua trajes tipico or typical Mazahua dress. After locating the Delegado (mayor) we found these women at the local store and he convinced them to participate in the project. All the costumes had the ruffled collar and lace blouses with lace and pleated skirts, the Mazahua belt and slip (nahua) were present in all cases. The long strand of glass beads seemed to be a common accessory.

The town is high above , what I will call) the central Mazahua valley, in one direction you can se the lake formed by the dam at Villa Victoria and the other facing north the entire valley where large groups of Mazahua live.