Santa Rosa de Lima is located in the El Oro district of the State of Mexico. The traditional Mazahua culture is in danger here due to migration. There is a core group of women working to preserve the Mazahua crafts and designs.Bob Freund 5/16/2005
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The family also brought out some of the other garments like the poncho and back strap woven belts. The blue blouse and skirt are slightly more modern Mazahua dress that can still be found in use along with the Mazahua slip. The town is close to 10000 feet high and they grow apples there, mostly which are sold in October in the local markets and the weekly market in El Oro during October. The composite picture shows some views of the town and it panoramic view. Raul Vargas of El Oro tourism told me that most people her go to Mexico City to work.