Cotzocon Mixe is a huipil weaving village deep in the Sierra Mixe. Back strp alooms are used to weave huipil, rebosos, napkins, table cloths and other textile crafts. Travel to Cotzocon is over a long dirt road. Bob Freund7/14/2004 for more information contact:

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Visit Cotzocon Textile pattern gallery isit Cotzocon Textile pattern gallery

A traditional hut in a family compound, the kitchen was in that building.
The newly constructed town offices the photo was taken July 2004.
Photos of a variety of patterns from huipils and other woven goods. On the COOL TEXTILES which is reached from the link above or the home page, there is a page dedicated to the woven patterns from Cotzocon.
The first Mixe huipil purchased in 1971 in Oaxaca City.
Detail of the front panel from the huipil.

This design is said to represent the spanish on a horse.

Well... maybe !!!