San Juan Tepulco is a Nahua town located near Amozoc, The costume is a simple skirt with a slip with crocheted border, embroidered blouse, over blouse and reboso. Their hair is braided with ribbons.
Bob Freund 7/20/06
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During a trip to the Sierra Norte I past by the market town of Acajete and notices these women with ribbons in there hair standing in the shade waiting to go back to there village. A pulque vendor told me where they were from and I planned to visit one day. When finally arrived in the town, I spoke to the president of the village and he sent me out with a guide. We eventually met a guy making “carnitias” a type or deep fried pork loin eaten like a taco. He told me to wait and as soon as they finish cleaning up the stand, his wife and daughters would pose for me. I waited around joking with the guide and some other guys from the village. It is not very common that an American goes there and they all told me where in the US they had worked and how many brothers and sisters and other family member were there.

Finally he called me in and to my surprise they had all changes out of there costumes and put on these blouses from other places. Interesting!