Atempa, Calnali, Hidalgo a Nahua village. Bob Freund 3/17/2005 Click here to return to Nahua_Calnali home page For more information contact:
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Inside the hot spring two men wearing traditional men's muslin pants and shirt were getting ready to bathe. The man on the left, Sr. Gabino Hernandez, is from Atlapexco and Juan Gonzalez Hernandez, on the right, is from Atempa. The town is experiencing a growth spree with many new paved roads and new construction in town.
The hot spring is developed and although there is no analysis of the water’s chemical content, there is an agreeable smell of sulfur and other minerals in the bath house. The Sierra Huasteca is endlessly beautiful and hides many treasures like this small village. The Sierra Huasteca includes parts of five states: San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and Puebla. The road is still dirt but the town leaders are working on getting it paved so visitors can come to the hot spring in all seasons.