Acatapec is a small Nahua town located on a high bluff near the municipal capital of Huautla, Hidalgo. The older women still wear embroidered blouses the older women only speak Nahua. While there the town leader encouraged these women to let me photograph them. Bob Freund 3/1/2005 Return to Nahua of Huautla Hidalgo Home Page
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Here we can see the three different styles of embroidered blouses; the style in the middle was similar to the blouses worn in Coapantla. The town is on top of in impressive mountain which over looks this river valley. The church was large and in good repair, it was clear that in the past few years the village had changed. Due to the language difficulty, I did not get a lot of information about the town. Normally I try to get the names of the people but in this case, it was not possible. Second from the right on the bottom row is the town jail... my advice – stay sober. There had been some rain and the unpaved areas were muddy. This part of Hidalgo is normally hot and humid, known as the Huasteca region of the State of Hidalgo.