Huejutla is a large market city on the border between Hidalgo and Vera Cruz. The indigenous population of Huejutla and the surrounding area buy and sell in the Sunday market. Bob Freund 4/21/2005 Return Nahua of Huejutla home page For more information contact:

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The Huejutla district is at the heart of the Huasteca region of Hidalgo. The town is large and does not show much influence of the indigenous peoples until the Sunday market. During that market or Tianguis, the Nahua from surrounding regions bring their products to sell. These two pages show the broad variety of embroidered blouses that are worn during the market day. The gourds in the first picture are cut is such a way to make spoons. In many of the different villages, I was served a wonderful delicious coffee called “Cafe de Olla” using these spoons. The man second from the left on the lower row is selling coffee from the region he is using a hand held scale and wearing traditional men’s muslin pants and shirt. Thee first photo lower left is a woman from Vera Cruz. As are many indigenous markets, this one is large and filled with interesting sights and sounds AND interesting smells.